In order to accelarate the promotion of brands, products and services of Korean businesses in the Vietnamese market, Korea Global Healthcare Business Association (KOGHA) with more than 300 members has partnered with Jahon International to seek partners in importing, distributing, providing medical services, marketing, ... to seize the opportunity to enter the Vietnamese market effectively

Jahon International specializes in providing comprehensive services to promote business cooperation between Korean and Vietnamese businesses, including consulting services, planning and marketing products for overseas promotion by Korean government agencies and medical organizations.

Regarding the project to find partners for KOGHA, Jahon Interntional has become an effective bridge between 12 members of this organization (which are hospitals providing medical equipment, implants, medical hygienic devices, cosmetic hospitals, and functional food manufacturers) and Vienamses firrms that have demand and ability to import, distribute product coordination and wants to expand cooperation with Korea.

Several Korean units are involved in the project

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jahon International is expected to hold 36 online conferences between the two parties to share information and experiences, help them better understand each other, realize the cooperation potential that can be exploited in the present and the future, thereby offering the most effective cooperation method.

Recently, a number of online meetings between Polestar Company (providing tele-radiology imaging services) with Hanoi Medical University Hospital, BNH Company (providing cosmetics, skin care, makeup products) with Samishop Company, BRcharmskin company (supplying skin cleansing products) with KBI Company, Banobagi Aesthetic Hospital with Admicro Communication Company,... has been conducted and received many positive signals. After the first meeting, the partners will directly discuss with each other the conditions and modes of cooperation, pricing policies, ... to make the most appropriate detailed cooperation plan.


Based on many years of experience in this field, Jahon hopes to connect and promote relationships between businesses of the two countries in the future. This will contribute to expanding the market, helping businesses from both sides achieve their business goals.

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