Signing ceremony between Vietdoctor Group and Sun Medical Center

24 Jun 2019 Jahon news

On May 19, 2017, at the Hanoi Preventive Medicine Center (70 Nguyen Chi Thanh – Hanoi), the signing ceremony between Vietnam Medical Care Joint Stock Company (Vietdoctor) represented by Mr. Le Minh Long and Sun Healthcare International (“SHI”), represented by Sun Seung Hoon was taken place successfully.

Attending the signing ceremony were representatives of the Small and Medium Business Association, Mr. Mac Quoc Anh – Secretary General and Vice Chairman; Ms. Nhi Ha – Vice Director of Hanoi Department of Health, the representatives of Jahon International – Ms. Oh Yu Jung and Mr. Kim Byoung Jun all staffs of Vietdoctor.

Vietdoctor - SUN

Representatives of Vietdoctor, SUN and Jahon International Joining the ceremony

According to this cooperation agreement, Vietdoctor and SHI will jointly cooperate in the fields related to health. They jointly build a general hospital and a dental clinic located on the first floor, Times City building, Le Van Luong Street, Hanoi. Moreover, Vietdoctor will study and refer to SHI’s model in the field of training, design, customer care and other after-sales services, aiming at a new and modern hospital model according to the international standard.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the two sides expressed their belief in the success of this relationship in the future, meeting the needs of medical examination not only of Vietnamese but also foreigners are living and working in Hanoi in general and Vietnam in particular. Ms. Nhi Ha, deputy director of Ha Noi Department of Health and Mr. Quoc Anh, also affirmed that this is a modern and advanced model that many health care agencies in Vietnam should study to improve their services in medical examination for everyone.

Vietdoctor - SUN

Cooperation between Vietdoctor and Sun Medical Center

The signing ceremony was a great success, opening the new opportunity for Vietdoctor’s successful development in the future. Jahon International as an intermediary is very pleased to be with two units on the road ahead.

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