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JAHON INTERNATIONAL will strive to develop a more innovative and superior system to accurately understand the needs of customers and fulfill their role as companions. Customer impressions. I believe that customer satisfaction is the best for continuous development and above all, honesty is the basic principle in order to gain trust, and we will lead active and voluntary changes and reforms internally to provide better quality language content.

Why us?

  1. Native Language Translation
  • Jahon International is a subsidiary in Vietnam located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Since its inception, local native language translators have started to translate and provide natural, fast and accurate translation services.
  1. Competitive price
  • Jahon International has an integrated distribution system based on its own local expert pool integrated DB system.
    By providing services directly to customers, we are able to offer an average 30-50% lower price competitiveness than Korean translation companies.
  1. Rich experience
  • Jahon International pursues customer satisfaction based on 16 years’ experience of translating and translating consulting from the representative director of Korean Studies, who is a graduate student of Vietnamese studies.

Korea medical tourism

We are pleased to announce that “Korea Medical Tourism Information Seminar” (hosted by Incheon Medical Tourism Foundation) “Han-bae Medical Tourism Exchange Seminar” (hosted by Busan City) Medical tourism briefing session “(hosted by Kangnung Science and Technology Agency) and” Daejeon medical tourism briefing session “(hosted by Daejeon city).

Through the experience of medical events accumulated over many years and experience of local medical network, we are able to provide practical and unique information such as “Vietnam Cancer Patient Conference,” “Han-Beam Conference,” “VIP Korean Medical Tourism Conference,” “Nanum Medical” And has organized and sponsored medical tourism promotion events.

We will do our best to promote excellent medical tourism in Korea and to attract a lot of Vietnamese patients through various reliable medical publicity events in the future.